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    I’m drawing a huge blank. I have forgotten, and cannot locate, where to update the featured categories on my blog using your theme. I have updated the carousel but I cannot update the featured categories unde it.
    Thanks for the help.

    The blog I need help with is applepieandnapalm.com.


    I found the category summaries under theme options of the three being used vs. The inactive list, but I don’t see anywhere to change the list. Thanks.


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    Hi – the list you found is the correct place. You need to drag and drop the items from one list to the other to change the lists.

    Just click on the item you want to change list, and hold the mouse button down, then move the mouse so the item is over the list you want it in, and release the mouse button. You can then rearrange the list in the same way so it’s in the order you want.


    I appreciate your response. I was in the right place all along, but I still can’t switch things around. I am using safari on iPad for the blog. There isn’t a way to change the list. I can do everything else though admin wise. I tried the app but don’t see a way to make any changes there at all. I thought maybe just this piece of code might have an issue.


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    Ah – I must admit I hadn’t considered you might be using a tablet. Can you try the editor on a desktop by any chance. I am sure it will work there.

    I’ll have a look and see if I can change anything but I have a feeling the drag and drop will not work on an ipad :(


    Just a followup. I dumped cache and removed and reinstalled Flash on desktop. I’m using updated Firefox. I can get my mouse on a category, but I cannot add or remove any of the active categories. It worked the last time I shuffled them but that has been awhile. Just wondering if there is anything else you can recommend that I try.


    I deleted and reinstalled Java. I should have known it was the possible culprit. That seems to have fixed it. I appreciate your willingness to help out. Hopefully I wont have to pester you again.


    Theme Author

    Glad it’s working now! :)

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