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    Hi. As I’ve been testing my site, I have played around with marking blog posts with tags to see them in the carousel on the home page.

    The problem I am seeing is that it is still showing posts where I have removed the tag in the carousel. Right now on my home page, it shows three posts, but only the one marked “Welcome” carries the “featured” tag. The other two don’t have it, but they still appear there. Is this being cached by the theme somehow?

    The blog I need help with is s3gdev.com.


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    Hi there,

    The theme itself doesn’t cache posts, but I have seen featured posts get stuck like that. I’ll tag the wp.com folks to see if they can help with this. Thanks for your patience!



    OK, thanks. As a workaround in the meantime I guess I can change the tag that I use.

    Would it be possible to have an option where we can specify a category instead of a tag for the features? Not sure if that would help this caching problem. But it would be something I could see myself using.

    Thanks and Happy New Year.



    Hi there – I’m not seeing a carousel on your homepage, only the post titled “Welcome” – so looks like this has gotten sorted. Could you confirm that things are working as you’d like?



    No, the problem was not resolved. Since I was moving my site into production, I needed to do something. So I changed the tag to a different keyword and am just using the one image now as a header instead of the carousel. If this gets resolved, I will likely use multiple posts there. But it just seemed too flaky at the moment and I couldn’t reliably know what would show up there.



    I’d offer to help test this, but there doesn’t appear to be a way in this theme to make the carousel appear on anything besides the home page. So unfortunately I can’t create an unlinked test page on my site where we could try things to recreate the error. Perhaps the theme developer could work with you on that. He mentioned he is aware of the problem and has seen this before.




    Hi Mike – thanks for the update.

    mmcalister – if you’re able to replicate the issue, please let me know and I can file a bug ticket for Periodical. The Featured Content issue that I’m aware of is not theme-specific; it happens when the tag gets removed from posts without the user doing anything, not added, as in this case.

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