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    When I first set up my page using the Duet theme, I was able to select a box called “include in feature slider” or something to that effect. I added a few posts. Then the ‘New Post’ page seemed to get updated on WordPress.com and that radio button is not longer a part of the options. So, I can’t add or remove feature images from the slider. Am I missing something?

    Furthermore, I can’t even remove the feature slider from the top of the page, because that option in the appearance settings seems to be missing. Has this option been disabled or moved?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is wherearewehere.wordpress.com.



    Hi there!

    Are you using the new WordPress editor interface? If so, the option is not exposed there. You need to switch to the classic editor mode by clicking the “classic mode” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.



    That seems to be the solution to the problem of including feature images in the slider.

    I’m still curious if there is a way to remove the feature slider altogether. Where is that option located?

    Also, does my purchase of the Duet theme give me access to The Theme Foundry website discussions? They are hidden behind a username and password login on the website and since I purchased the theme through wordpress I never created an account there. Is there a way to do that?



    To remove the featured slider from the homepage, you’ll need to uncheck the “Include in featured slider” box on all of the posts that are currently included.

    Re: Theme Foundry account: The version of Duet here on WordPress.com is a separate product from the self-hosted one offered on the Theme Foundry website, so they have separate support forums. You only get an account over there if you purchase a self-hosted product, but the forums over there also only pertain to the self-hosted products. This forum here is the right place for discussions about the WP.com version of Duet.



    That makes sense. Thank you for your help.


    Theme Author

    You’re welcome! I’m glad to hear Corey could help.

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