Feature request: Breadcrumbs hide the post title as it then shows twice

  • Hello Ben

    Thank you for your Opti theme.

    Kindly allow hiding/displaying the post title (along with the preceding whitespace and separator) in the breadcrumb functionality.

    1. The mention of the complete title in the breadcrumb immediately followed the post title proper makes for repetitive reading.
    2. This takes up the already precious screen real estate on mobile phones.

    However, if breadcrumbs are created for search engines in machine-readable format, then kindly keep that functionality.

    CSS attempts:
    Though class “breadcrumbLevel_3” is available for hiding via CSS, but then the whitespace and “›” will remain.

    Also, why have hidden text lying around in the code when the user cannot see it.

    Kindly consider this feature request.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hey there – you can hide the title and the last > with:

    .breadcrumbs strong:last-of-type,
    .breadcrumbs b:last-of-type {
      display: none;

    What you’re saying makes total sense and I shall consider changing the breadcrumbs in a future update.

    Thanks – Ben

  • gopalaggarwal1035 · Member ·

    Hello Ben

    Thanks for the code and for appreciating the feedback.

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