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    Any chance there are upcoming revisions to the theme that would allow for this?

    No idea, but I can pass that on to the devs.

    Is there we can make a template in the exact dimensions and then copy/paste our images on to that. I

    I think in both gimp and photoshop you can constrain an image size to specific dimensions, or crop at specific dimensions.



    I have tried 660 pix and 960 pix width with variations on the height from 250-400 pix using paint.

    All still cover the date.

    Has anyone had success posting a feature image without it covering the date?



    Why is this so difficult? How do you do it!?


    Theme Author

    We uploaded full sized images. The dimensions for the featured image are set in the theme, so upon upload, the featured image size should be made automagically in the background.

    The images are wide and not very tall. If you are trying to use images that are tall and skinny, or square, they cannot be cropped to the right ratio.

    Kelly, all your images are tall and skinny. The theme was designed for horizontal images. That’s the fundamental reason it won’t look right.

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