Feature image resolution differing

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    Hi there,
    I while ago it was an issue about width parameter and that was fixed.
    Now the feature image differ its quality from the original pict. Please, see the example :


    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is: marsdepartment.com


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    Hi martincomics,

    This issue is related to a bug we fixed. A lot of users were complaining about the image size that was being cropped to 1024 pixels width. We increased that to 1280. Can you check what the size of the image if right now? We can increase this further but the question is how big you want the image to be? There is no limit on this. It can be 2000 or 4000? The more width we add, the bigger the image will be and hence more loading time. We think 1280 is the best of all worlds. Also, WordPress compresses the image quality a bit.


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