Excerpts don't have "read more"

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    In the Mayer demo, the landing page has an excerpt of a few paragraphs of the post and then “read more” down the bottom which, when clicked, opens the rest of the post.

    When I use the excerpt function in posts, the text just cuts off and I don’t get a “read more”, which makes it look like there’s no more to the post.

    I’d also like the “read more” option to open similarly to the manner it does when choosing the excerpt option for mobile devices – ie on a new page, rather than expanding on the current page.

    I am very new to WordPress. I hope I have explained myself clearly enough. I would also appreciate anyone pointing me in the direction of settings I’m missing.

    The blog I need help with is josvoice.wordpress.com.



    I have resolved this issue with the “Read More” tag. Sorry for wasting anyone’s time.



    no problem at all (and sorry for the delay in responding to this)

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