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    My blog uses the label theme.

    I’ve noticed that I can no longer update existing excerpts or add new ones. Is this a theme change, or a wordpress.com change. In some ways, I would probably like to remove all the excerpts on my site.

    The blog I need help with is albumreviews.blog.


    Theme Author

    Hi there – nothing has changed in the theme with regards post excerpts. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to change them.

    Could you link to a page that has the problem so I can take a look?

    You’re on the free plan, but if you had a premium plan I would be able to give you some css to hide the excerpts entirely.


    Hi, thanks for responding.

    For the record, I’m on a Personal Plan, but that still doesn’t allow me to edit css.

    Obviously the issue manifests in the back end, not the front. The excerpts are still there, but I can’t edit them or add new ones.

    According to WordPress.com’s support (https://en.support.wordpress.com/excerpts/), I should be able to see Excerpts under More Options.

    Here’s a screen shot of what I see – there’s nothing between Slug and Location, where Excerpts should be:

    I’m using Google Chrome.


    Theme Author

    Ah – I see. It looks like you are editing a page there.

    Excerpts are not available in pages, only posts.

    It’s possible that your previous theme may have had support for excerpts added to pages but that’s not something that Label does.

    Where on your site are you seeing the page excerpts displayed? As far as I can remember they do not get shown on Label so there should be no need to use them.


    If you go down to https://albumreviews.blog/reviews/, for “The Band”, it shows the excerpt:
    “After supporting Bob Dylan on his controversial 1966 electric tour, The Band went to earth and developed their unique blend of rock, folk, country, and blues.”

    But the page text on https://albumreviews.blog/reviews/the-band/ starts with “The Band started as The Hawks, backing blues belter Ronnie Hawkins, before supporting Dylan on his controversial 1966 electric tour. After the tour, the Band went to earth with Dylan and recorded the Basement Tapes, where they developed their unique melding of rock with traditional folk, country and blues forms”

    I started this site on another template, but have been on Label for a few months. Until recently I was able to edit and add new page excerpts, but now I can’t access them at all, but they still display.


    To clarify, I was previously able to edit page excerpts on Label, but now I can’t. I’m perfectly happy if all my excerpts just disappear though.


    Theme Author

    Hi there – thanks for the extra info. I’m afraid I don’t know what the problem could be then. I haven’t changed the theme so there may have been a change to wordpress.com.

    Have you tried using the wp-admin – this should support everything?

    I shall ask the wordpress.com team to have a look and see if anything else has changed.


    Hi, I already tried https://aphoristical.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ – I can’t access Excerpts through Pages > Edit or Pages > Quick Edit.


    Theme Author

    ok – hopefully someone from wordpress.com can help shed some light on this then.




    @binarymoon: We introduced page excerpts to all WordPress.com sites a few months ago, this is to create consistency and so that the excerpts can always be used to set a meta description for a post/page.

    @aphoristicalbumreviews: I checked a few pages on your site and saw the option to add excerpts on them, both in /wp-admin and our newer interface.

    Would you be able to check to see if you’re seeing the option in a different browser so that we can rule out any browser-specific issues?

    Please also visit the following page and choose the option to “Export PDF”:


    If you can upload that PDF to your site’s Media Library, I’ll be able to see it from there and troubleshoot further with you.



    Theme Author

    @siobhyb – thanks for the clarification Siobhan – I didn’t realise it had been added to all sites.




    You’re welcome, Ben!


    It looks like Excerpts are working again – they were definitely gone last week (I have that screen shot above to show that), but they’re fine now.



    @aphoristicalbumreviews: I did some digging and found a similar report to yours from last week, where page excerpts were not displaying with one of our free themes. I checked the site from that report and excerpts are now displaying correctly there too.

    I’m not sure exactly what went wrong on our end last week but have added your report for our team to look into. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience it caused, too!

    If the issue comes up again, please don’t hesitate to submit a report to us via our contact form here:


    As a WordPress.com Personal owner, you have access to private, prioritised support.

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