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    Hi team

    Just wondering if there is an option or something so that I can get a popup window to appear on the site for the viewer of the site to subscribe to the blog? For example say a viewer has been on the site for 1 minute, I would like a popup to appear inviting them to enter their email address to subscribe to the blog.

    I have seen this on a few sites before and thought it would be pretty cool.

    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    We don’t offer a specific “subscribe to blog” popup, but you could accomplish this in several steps.

    1. Set up a MailChimp account
    2. Set up a blog RSS-to-email list to feed your new posts into your MailChimp account:
    3. Add a MailChimp pop-up widget to your site:

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