Editing Main Page Font Size and Widget Menu Issues

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    Just a couple of quick questions…

    1. How do I get the font size on the home page with my name and credentials to appear smaller? I went into Customizer > Fonts but it seems when I try to change the size of the fonts (e.g. Tiny, Small, Huge, etc…) it only alters the font in the menu and the quote that I have beneath my name. How can I get my name smaller? And there is a way to italicize the quote below it while keeping the font on my name regular?

    2. On the bottom of the page, it reads:

    “Default Widget
    This is just a default widget. It’ll disappear as soon as you add your own widgets on the Widgets admin page.
    Below is an example of an unordered list.
    List item one
    List item two
    List item three
    List item four”

    How can I get rid of this? I don’t want to add my own/any widgets into this area. I just want it to be blank.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is pauljletendre.com.


    Theme Author

    Hello Paul,
    Thanks for being a Themes by Bavotasan customer. Just a FYI, Themes by Bavotasan was recently acquired by Bandicoot Marketing so you will be seeing more of the Bandicoot name in the future. Now to your questions:

    1. To change the font size of your name on the homepage you need to go to Appearance>Customize>Site Title and adjust the pixel size. Then to italicize the Chinese proverb line you will need to add some custom css. Go to Appearance> Custom CSS and add the following code:

    #site-description.margin-top {
    margin-top: 90px;

    .wf-active h4, .wf-active .h4, .wf-active #site-description {
    font-size: 28.8px;
    font-style: italic;
    font-weight: 400;}

    2. To remove the widget go to Appearance>Customize>Widgets and remove the default widget.


    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, neither of those suggestions are working for me on the site.

    1. I went to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity > Site Title, but I don’t see an option to adjust the pixel size anywhere. All I see is the option to edit the Site Title, Tagline, Site Icon, and Footer Credit. Am I missing something?

    2. I went to Appearance > Customize > Widgets, but I don’t see any Default widget. What I do see is options for adding a First Sidebar, Second Sidebar, Jumbo Headline, Home Page Top Area, Extended Footer, and Footer Notice. I don’t see an option to remove any of these either, if that’s what I’m supposed to do. Again, what am I missing?

    Are you sure we’re looking at the theme through same platform? It sounds like there are a couple of slightly different things you’re describing and seeing than what I am.


    Oh, but the CSS tip to italicize the Chinese proverb did work! Thank you!


    Hi, could someone follow-up and assist me with the unresolved issues?


    Still not resolved…


    Theme Author

    Hi Paul – I very much apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

    1. In order to reduce the size of the Site Title please remove anything you may have added to your Additional CSS from our previous replies, and add this:

    .only-on-home.no-fittext #site-title a {font-size: 100px;}

    (NOTE – change the “100px” value to whatever size you want the font to be)

    2. In order to get rid of that default widget – I want to try something as a first try. Please go into the widget areas that are set up for that area of the page and add blank “text” widgets to each of them with no text in it. I believe that should remove the default message and just add blank space where the text would go if you put any in there. If that doesn’t work let me know and we’ll try something else!

    Cheers and talk soon.


    Looks like it worked. Thanks!

    Any idea how to make the text headlines/blog titles on the Blog posts page smaller sized font?


    Theme Author

    Paul – great! So glad to hear that we got that taken care of for you.

    Use the below CSS to change the font sizes of your blog post titles:

    .wf-active .entry-title {font-size: 15px;}

    (again, update the number “15” to the size you like!)

    Let me know if that works!


    Works great. Thanks!


    Theme Author

    You bet! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. Cheers!

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