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    Hello :) When multiple categories are selected, it appears that the one with the highest alphanumeric value displays on hover, but that is not necessarily the one I want displayed. Is there a way to edit this? I use the Yoast plug in, which allows me to pick a “primary” category, but that is only for SEO, and not for display. I have virtually no experience in web design, so please talk slowly :) Thank you, M

    The blog I need help with is proteinveggiecarb.com.


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    Hi there – I’m afraid there’s no way to change this (that I know of). The category the theme displays is the first one WordPress gives to me when I request the categories for that post.

    One option would be to hide it from the archive pages with some custom css that I could give you.

    BTW – I really like how your site looks. The consistent photography works really well :)


    Do you mean that I could hide it on hover from the front page? That would maybe be okay as an alternative, but I’d like to see if I can get it to do what I want first :)

    Thank you for the kindness about my blog, and for taking the time to write, and view!


    I see now your title says Theme Author – does that mean you are in charge of this theme, and you already know I’m not going to get it to do what I want? :)


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    Hi there – you’re right. I made the theme. I also maintain and provide support for it. However I do not work for wordpress.com. As such I have no access to your site and limited abilities to change the theme.

    And yes – we could hide the category from the homepage and archive pages so that it doesn’t display when you hover over the images.

    The custom css needed is:

    article.post-archive section p.postmetadata {
    display: none;

    There’s info here on where to put the custom css.

    In terms of whether there’s something you can do or not – this is probably the limit of what I can do.

    However it may be worth asking the wordpress.com support team. They have more power to help with things like this and since your site has a Business plan, you’re entitled to live-chat and email support from wordpress.com staff, accessible here:


    That said I’m always happy to answer your theme related questions in this forum and I can always redirect questions if it’s not something I can help with.


    Thank you! I did start with them, and they recommended I go here for help. I applied the custom CSS, which worked great, thank you! I think for my use, the category on hover is unnecessary, and I like the more minimal display. The infinite scroll and photo-first design suit me well; thanks for a great theme!


    Theme Author

    Ah ha – glad it’s worked out then! :)

    If you need any other help with how the site looks then I’m always here.

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