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    I have linked the upcoming events widget in the sidebar to a google calender and the events are showing as they should. However, I was wondering whether it is possible to edit the way posts are displayed in the sidebar (more than changing the number of posts, and the conditions for posting)? More specifically, the posts are shown without line breaks, meaning that all text is shown in a single paragraph, regardless of how it is written in the calender.
    I was also wondering wether it is possible to activate hyperlinks in the upcoming events widgets – or to embed the headers with a hyperlink, to make it possible to see further information about the event?


    The blog I need help with is ammodi.com.


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    Hi there,

    Currently, we can’t see your site to provide some feedback. You can write us again when your site launches, or you can invite us to take a look by inviting the user mmcalister. Let me know what works best for you!


    Thank you for the quick response. I have added you as “Viewer”, since I was hoping to resolve this, and a couple of other minor issues before we launch the site.


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    Hi there,

    Thanks for sending that over. It looks like you got the line breaks sorted out, well done!

    As far as links in the calendar widget, the Upcoming Events widget does not allow links inside the event descriptions, as Google does not output that text as a link. You might want to try a different calendar shortcode mentioned here.

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