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    Hi guys, hope you’re well.

    I’m a big fan of the Organization theme, and I’m currently developing a non-profit website for charity body in Liverpool, England. The Organization support forum has been so helpful – and thanks for the creator and contributors. I’m currently spending a lot of time getting the ‘site map’ and layout right – I’ve got a lot of pages!

    I love the responsive mobile version of Organization, but because I have a lot of pages and sub-items (and even some ‘sub-sub items’), i was wondering if there’s any way I can control the appearance of the menu in the mobile version?

    So basically, is there any way I can use Custom CSS to edit the responsive mobile version? I’d just like to display the main heading, and possible give the options of a ‘drop-down’ style menu on the mobile version.

    I know I can switch the standard WordPress ‘Mobile Version’ on which partly solves my issue – but being honest, it doesn’t look as smart as the responsive mobile view.

    Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to try and explain in as much detail as possible. I appreciate the menu displays a ‘ – ‘ and a ‘ – – ‘ when showing sub and sub-sub menu items, but I’d like this to expand when selected if possible on the responsive mobile version.

    Thanks again for the continued help and support – you’re such a big help!

    Ste from Liverpool.

    The blog I need help with is: seftoncvs.wordpress.com


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    Sorry, just to add – the website under construction and I’ve got little-to-no content. I’m focusing on the site map and menu layout before populating the site :-) I’m fine with the other areas of Organization – I just haven’t got round to developing it yet!




    For more involved changes like this, you would need to look into customization if you aren’t sure how to perform them yourself: http://en.support.wordpress.com/customize-my-site/



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    Thanks for this interetinter – and once again, i love the theme.

    I’ve made an enquiry with Elto – who now provide advanced customizing services. I hope this is possible.

    The organisation is willing to pay to ensure the theme can be changed to adapt to our needs – so thanks a lot for directing me to Elto.

    If I receive confirmation that these changes can be done, I’ll post my findings back in this thread.

    Thanks for your time,


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