Dynamic change of font size for small screens when one word gets truncated

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    On my blog, I plan to have Page/Blog post titles that contain words longer than a few words. One such example would be even the common word “Photography”. Currently, when viewed on an iPhone 7 (and certainly also on a smaller screen too), since the Blog post / Page title’s font does not dynamically change in order to fit whole words on one row, words get truncated, like:


    This is ugly, while the theme is marvelous in every single way otherwise. Can it be amended?

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hi there – I have tweaked the responsiveness of the theme to give the single posts a bit more space. Hopefully this addresses the issue. If not then you can use the following css to tweak the post title size:

    .no-results .entry-single h1, .single-attachment .entry-single h1, .error404 .entry-single h1, .singular .entry-single h1 {
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