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    Duet theme is supposed to be responsive and adapt to all devices, but when I try to see a single post from any of my phones (Ascend P7 and iPhone 4), a big white square appears over the whole post and I cannot see anything! I don’t want to activate the default wp mobile theme, I just want my Duet theme to adapt to this kind of devices, just as it is supposed to do… What am I doing wrong? :(

    The blog I need help with is labrujacontacondeaguja.com.


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    Hello! sorry you’ve hit some issues. Duet is designed to be responsive, and should look great on your mobile devices.

    So we can get a better understanding of this problem, can you please share a screenshot or photo of this ‘white square’ that you’re seeing?


    Here you are some screenshots from my iPhone and Ascend P7.


    I have asked some friends to visit my blog from their mobiles and they see the same white square (it happens when you click on a single post, not in the home).

    Thank you for your help!


    Any solution for my problem with the mobile view of Duet? :(


    Theme Author

    Hi again! Thanks for sharing those screenshots — it’s such an odd issue, hopefully we can get this sorted out shortly.

    Are you seeing this box on all of your posts, or just specific posts?


    I see it on all my posts.


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    Hi again! So sorry for the delay — Corey, our developer, and I aren’t quite sure what could be causing this issue. Hopefully we can get this sorted out for you before long.

    Out of interest, are you noticing this same issue when you view our demo website for Duet?

    Thanks for your patience!


    I hace just tried, and no problems with the demo. It only happens with my posts.


    Theme Author

    Hello again. Thank you for checking! So, it seems this problem is only occurring on your website and only when viewed on a device with a screen width of 600 pixels or smaller.

    I suspect this problem may be caused by some custom CSS that you’ve applied to your theme’s comment form. Could you please try temporarily removing your custom CSS, and see if that fixes the problem?

    Be sure to backup your CSS changes first.


    I made some changes in CSS and it works all right now! Thank you very much for your help. :)


    Thanks for letting us know this is resolved!

    If something else comes up, please do let us know though!

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