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    Hi, I just started my site a few days ago so I am new to WordPress in general. I am trying to add the Do Not Sell My Information CCPA widget to my website. At first, the link would end up going over the pages hub that I had at the bottom of my site, so I ended up making the Do Not Sell CCPA its own page. When you click on the page, I made it so it would delete the pages hub at the bottom of the screen and only keeps the Do Not Sell CCPA link so you can click on it. It’s there for me when I am logged in on google chrome. But if I go to another browser or my phone, the link for the CCPA does not show.

    Here is the page it should be on

    This might just be a user error on my end since I am new to this whole thing. Does the CCPA warning link only show up when accounts are logged in?

    Also, I am not even sure if this is a problem with the theme, I just made the switch to your theme from my old theme today and never heard about the CCPA thing until today so I wasn’t able to see if it worked on my old theme. (I am on day 3 of my site)

    Would there be any way for me to handle the “Do not sell CCPA” thing without using the built-in widget?

    The blog I need help with is:


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    Hi there – I’m afraid I don’t know anything about this so I’m not sure I can help.

    It looks like this is something to do with advertising so I feel I should point out that only allows advertising with your own ad providers on the business plan and above.

    There’s info on this here:

    Note that I don’t work for so I am not trying to sell you on an upgrade. Just pointing out the terms.

    If this isn’t about advertising then you might be better off contacting the support directly. They will have a better idea about this than I do.

    Thanks – and sorry I can’t help more. Ben

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