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    Hi Ben,

    I’m back.. I’ve shifted to business plan to discover some solutions.. But it brought new problems. :(

    The displayposts code were not running after business upgrade, and then as proposed by a wordpress staff, I loaded a plugin about short codes.

    Now they are working, but the custom CSS is acting differently. See example at bottom of pages:

    The English blog with premium plan: https://railturkey.org/2018/01/10/electrification-at-full-speed/

    The Turkish blog with business plan: https://tr.railturkey.org/2018/01/10/elektrifikasyon-dolu-dizgin/

    The Turkish one is without padding, not bold and wrong color. Can we change it as seen English one?

    Thanks in advance and greetings from Istanbul.


    The blog I need help with is: tr.railturkey.org


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    Hi Onur – welcome back :)

    To make the text bold add font-weight: bold; to the custom css style for .display-posts-listing .title.

    The text colour is the same, it just looks lighter because of the different font weight. Once it’s bold you’ll see it’s ok.

    Gap between items:

    .display-posts-listing {
    margin-bottom: 30px;

    Original poster

    Hi Ben,

    The problems after shifting to business plan were annoying that I decided to shift back for now.

    Maybe in the future, when I have more time to deal with them..

    So problem is solved automaticly, many thanks.

    Onur U.


    Theme Author

    Ah ok – no worries :)


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