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    As it stands now, because there is no “hover” on a genuine mobile or tablet (like there is when viewing “mobile view” or “tablet view” from desktop web browser), the title of the post on an actual phone sits at the bottom border, and the title is hidden from the post on an actual tablet (mine at least).

    My first preference would be to have the mobile and tablet view both display the way it does when on a desktop, looking at the mobile view on hover — that is to say in the “up” position, with gradient, and title a few pixels above baseline.

    Is that possible?

    (To be clear, I don’t want to change the desktop view/display in any way.)


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Sorry about the problems. I have submitted a fix for the title position. That should have been readable and not hidden.

    Since you are on the business plan you will need to wait for the theme to update to see the fix – I believe that happens every friday.

    I was entirely clear on what you wanted to do with the display. Is making the text readable enough or did you want something else?

    You can see how it will look once the demo site is updated by viewing the theme demo site on a mobile device – https://lensdemo.wordpress.com/

    Thanks – Ben

    Original poster

    That will work, thank you! I will keep an eye out for the update.

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    It looks like they’ve got this fixed. Is it possible to display the same way on the tablet? As it stands now (for me at least), it looks as though the titles are hidden (there is no title display at all). On the mobile, they were displayed, but not in the correct position (which has been fixed), but on the tablet, they are missing entirely.

    Theme Author

    Glad that’s fixed now.

    And that’s a very good point about the titles. The display is currently dependent on the the width of the content, but I should change this so it is based upon whether the device is a touchscreen or not. I’ll fix this as well.

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