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    The front page of my website mediatwentyproductions.com does not load on my mobile (iPhone SE). What could be the problem?

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    The blog I need help with is wairimugitahi.com.


    Sorry the blog I need help with is http://mediatwentyproductions.com NOT warimugitahi.com


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    Hi there – sorry to hear you’re having problems with the theme. What do you see when you view the site on your phone? Does anything display at all?

    What browser are you using on your phone? Is it safari?

    At the moment I need as much info as possible so I can try to duplicate the problem.


    Binarymoon, at the very beginning when I started using the theme. It was working perfectly. The display problem seems to have started when I started customising stuff.

    when I try to go to the website via phone, the menu “lines” appear as usual plus the logo appears but under the logo it appears grey ( no image, just grey) – the hoovering colour that appears when I hoover over the images while using the computer. BUT when I turn the phone vertically it loads. But most people will look at the website horizontally which is what I want.

    I use safari and google aswell. Same thing happens. I have cleared cache and cookies and have even done advanced clearing, but the problem persists


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    So if you remove the custom css does it work as it should?

    I’m looking at the site on my phone and it works as expected. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t test in the same environment.

    I’ve looked at your custom css and there’s not much there so I can’t see why it would change the layout on your phone.

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