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    Hi there,

    As of today, my site is wearing the Spatial theme. I absolutely love the clean, minimalistic design, and the ability to tag pages in the featured content, which I look forward to getting all tagged up and running soon!

    I’m curious, though: is there a way to have the most recent blog posts appear below the slider/ featured content area in long form? I’ve managed to update the CSS so they span the full width of the homepage page in one single column (much cleaner! I love it!) but am wondering if I can format the posts in their entirety to encourage more leisurely long-form reading, versus forcing the reader to click a “continue reading” button, which tends to create a more choppy, back-and-forth experience on the site. I can’t help but feel as if that design choice would gorgeously reflect the simplistic, deep-breath aesthetic that Spatial’s clean design currently works so hard to promote…

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    — Ashley

    P.S. The site I’m requesting help with is http://www.ashleywilsonfellers.com, and to encourage a clean look, I have temporarily hidden the most recent blog posts from the homepage until I figure this one out.

    The blog I need help with is ashleywilsonfellers.com.


    Theme Author

    Hi Ashley,

    I’m afraid that’s not possible with the Spatial theme as it currently exists. The reason is because there’s no way to override the “forcing the reader to click a ‘continue reading’ button,” as you describe it. There’s always an excerpt and a Continue Reading button.

    It would be possible if I modified the theme code, however it’s something that I would need to carefully consider.

    I’m not sure it would be as simple as allowing Spatial users to display full content in post indices, as that could look pretty bad with long-form posts in the three column masonry layout as it is now. I’d probably need to provide an alternative single column post index design as well. At that point it turns into kind of an elaborate project.

    You are the only person that I recall who has had this suggestion. That’s not to say I won’t consider it because I think it’s an interesting idea that may make the theme more flexible and open to more users who didn’t think of this idea like you did. I just need to think about it and don’t want to make any promises at this point.



    Hi Leland —

    First of all, wow! Thank you so kindly for the fast response. One thing that attracted me to Spatial was the exceptional responsiveness from a designer in the forums. Amazing! I really appreciate your quick reply.

    And that makes perfect sense — I understand that a long-form, non-excerpted post would really only work well in a single-column format on the homepage. And I also understand that’s a bit of a Pandora’s box for you, too.

    If I might be so bold … I can’t help but encourage you to mull over the single-column idea as a design option for Spatial or a similar theme you might eventually create (*wink*) — not just for myself, but because I *do* think there’s a bit of an untapped gap in premium WordPress.com themes there — namely, for those of us who like a clean, immersive, highly vertical design that invites leisurely long-form reading, with all the minimalist aesthetics and white space that Spatial absolutely nails. I used to write using the old Ryu theme for those exact reasons, and probably would still, if it hadn’t so completely saturated the WordPress.com community. I would love a customizable premium theme based on similar design principles and kinda can’t help but think you’d design a fantastic one … :) For what it’s worth.

    Thank you, again, for such a gorgeous theme and for the speedy reply. Grateful! :)

    — Ashley

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