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    Hi there…I am having trouble disabling the rollover feature for the menu and blog posts on the home page…I do not want them to change colors when you rollover them. Is their a customer css I can add for this?
    Also, the base font options wont change…even though their appears to be an option for it in the font section. Please advise. thanks.

    The blog I need help with is laurenfaywardrobestyling.wordpress.com.



    Hi Lauren,

    I’m looking into this for you.

    Be in touch soon.


    Awesome..thank you…I basically don’t want to have the grey rollover over the photos on my home page, or have the grey background behind the font like when you click on a photo and go to the post page…above the photo it has the category name above the photo with a grey background…I just want it to be white. The grey rollover on the main menu page is fine. And then also the base font option as mentioned before. Thanks so much for your help-:-)



    Hi Lauren,

    Do you have the Custom Design Upgrade? You will have to add custom CSS to disable the hover color.

    Once you have the Custom Design Upgrade

    you can add this for the gray hover color:
    .flip-container .back { display: none; }

    For the category title on the post page try this:
    .category-wrapper .category a {background: none;}

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



    WordPress.com staff could you look into this:

    Also, the base font options wont change…even though their appears to be an option for it in the font section

    Let me know if that is something we need to look more into.



    Hi laurenfaywardrobestyling – I’m seeing the font you selected for headings (LFT Etica Display) being applied to your site title:


    Could you let me know more specifically what font you’re selecting, whether you’re choosing it for Headings or Base font, and what specific element on the page is not picking it up?


    Angela…thanks so much! Those worked perfectly. Ok so a few more requests…
    When you click on a post….I would like to remove 3 things:
    -date published appearing on top of photo
    -“comments are closed” option at the bottom of photo
    -the word post that appears before previous and next at the bottom scroll arrows.

    Thank you so much-:-)


    Kathryn! I don’t know what was happening before…the base font just wasn’t registering. But got it all figured out now…thanks-;-)



    Hi Lauren,

    I’m looking into this items for you. I’ll be in touch next week.




    Hi Lauren,

    I see that you are currently using another theme.
    Please let me know if you still have questions regarding Gallery.

    Have a great day!

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