Difficulties copying the React demo layout

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    Like some others who have posted here, I am trying to replicate the layout from the React sample and in particular the front page, but without success despite many hours of trying. I have read all the posts and carried out all the relevant steps that I can see, but not joy. When I set the home page as the static landing page and use a gallery post to show Recent Projects I cannot then set a main image above the Recent Projects (where the capacity guage image is in your demo). I can only get the main image when I turn the Template from Projects back to Default, but then I obviously lose the Projects. Also my gallery posts that create the Recent Projects are now showing up twice on my home page. This process has been very frustrating and much more complicated than I expected :(


    The blog I need help with is: adecorbett.wordpress.com


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    Hi there!

    To set up your site like the React demo, you’ll need to create a new Page titled “Home”. You’ll then need to set a Featured Image for your Page, and that is the image that will show up next to your content.

    You also need to create another new Page titled “Blog”. This page can be empty – just save it for now.

    You then need to go to Settings → Reading, and set your “Front page displays” to “a static page”. Set your front page to “Home” and your posts page to “Blog”, and you’ll be up and running!

    Once you have this set up, to get your menu working you can go to Appearance → Menus, and create a new menu. You can add your “Home” page to the menu, and any other pages you need, and that should be it!

    Hope this helps. If you have any issues, let us know!


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    Scott, thanks but that doesn’t help as I’ve already done those steps. What format should the home page be if I want a main image together with Recent Projects below it? I can’t get it to work with either the Projects format or the Default format, as set out in my post above. Help! Otherwise I would like a refund please.




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    Hi Ade!

    You’ll want to turn on the Recent Projects footer by navigating to Appearance → Theme Options → Layout and setting it appropriately.

    Hope this helps :)


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    I think I’ve finally got it now. Thank you :)



    Awesome, glad to hear it!

    I’ll close this topic now, but feel free to start another if you have any more questions!

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