Design problem?

  • What happens on the pages of the discography? Featured images are not visible, and there is a problem with the buttons, which cannot be read well.


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • There was a bug in a recent major update and the fix has been made, however, we’re waiting on the fix to be deployed by the I’ll ping them again to get the fixes pushed out as soon as possible. I’m guessing Monday will be the soonest the fixes will get pushed out but just know we are aware of the issue and a fix is coming.


    As a quick fix, it looks try adding the following custom CSS:

    @media (min-width: 660px) {
      .layout-content.layout-sidebar-content .site-content-inside {
        max-width: 1140px;
      .layout-content.layout-sidebar-content .single-record .secondary-area {
        display: block;

    It looks like there is some custom CSS that is causing button display issues.

    You shouldn’t need the following custom CSS:

    A:link {
        text-decoration: none;
        color: #161616;

    Lastly, it looks like this post got accidentally closed. Feel free to create a new topic if needed.

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