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    Hi There,

    I just created a site with your template and I have a couple of questions on how to customize it. My site is for reference.

    1. HOME PAGE – I changed the font for the main title and the old font appears for a second when the site is opened. How can I get rid of that old font so it doesn’t show up when people first come to that page.

    2. HOME PAGE – In the menu line Home is in lowercase and “BOARD stays black while the rest are gray and all upper-case. We’re not on that page so I’m not sure why “BOARD” is in the roll over state.

    3. NAVIGATION – In the navigation menu, how can I capitalize the word “HOME” so it’s consistent with the rest of the nav menu.

    4. FEATURED IMAGES – Is there a way to change the fixed hight of the featured images to something smaller like 1964 px X 662 px? It’s too large right now and I’d like the images to be the same size but with a smaller height.

    5. TEXT WIDGET – NEWS (BLOG) PAGE – How do I remove the “Text Widget” on the right side of the page?

    Thanks you in advance for your help.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)




    Let’s review your questions:

    1) This is happening because the fonts are loading slower than the actual site because they’re coming from Typekit. This should only happen once or twice for regular viewers, but the only option for this would be to set which font to display while it’s loading using the instructions here: Otherwise, it would be an issue with how WordPress loads the font rather than a theme one.

    2) Try the following CSS to change the color of the Board item:

    #navigation .menu .current_page_ancestor a {
       color: #999999;

    3) The following will set them all to uppercase:

    #navigation {
        text-transform: uppercase;

    4) The images should respond based on the proportion you add them. You can make them small in height by reducing the ratio to the width before uploading them.

    5) You can remove the widgets by dragging an dropping them out of the widget area by navigating to Appearance > Widgets through WPadmin or through Customize > Widgets when you’re viewing the page in question in the preview area.

    Thank you!


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