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    I havent had success with WordPress on my query, they have asked me to contact you directly:

    “Since I am no CSS expert, I would leave the sub menu background color for the theme author to help you with. You can reach the theme author from here for any help related to the vision theme.
    Saravanan S Happiness Engineer|”

    I want to make some basic colour changes but using customization tool I cannot update BOTH Heading colour + <Header and Footer Background + Submenu Background>.

    Either 1)
    When I change <Header and Footer Background + Submenu Background> I don’t have the option to customize the Heading colour (or if I have previously customized the Heading colour, it goes back to white).

    Or 2)
    When I update Heading colour, the <Header and Footer Background + Submenu Background> returns to default colours.

    I want to make the following changes to my website:

    Header and Footer Background #1a2727
    Submenu Background (all hover links & buttons) #227ee6
    Header colour # d6ed28 (as type 5 Regular PROXIMA NOVA)

    I want to add an additional menu item to the navigation bar to link through to the Testimonials page. I have followed but the menu item does not show up in the nav bar after I have processed the necessary steps under Appearance/Menus and clicked on SAVE.

    Please help, once I have the site looking how I want it, I will purchase the customization to make the customizations live.


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hi – I’m not entirely clear on what you’re asking but I’ve tried to do what you want using the custom css below.

    .masthead-wrapper, #footer {
    .masthead-wrapper .menu #nav {

    I ignored the header text colour since you have already changed that.

    For the testimonial link in the menu – without seeing what you’re doing it’s hard to suggest anything – but my guess is you have a menu and need to assign it to a menu theme location so that it will display (as detailed here:

    Hopefully that all helps.

    Original poster

    The WordPress guy helped me with the menu/nav alteration, so that’s sorted.

    In regards to colour change, I will explain again and hopefully this time what I want is clearer for you to understand:

    By default the hover state/colour of links and buttons throughout the site is orange. I want these to be blue #227ee6. (I understand this to be called the ‘submenu background’ colour when using the customise tool, but if that confuses you or if I have incorrectly understood then please ignore this text in brackets and simply change all orange links to the blue per hex colour defined).

    I hope that makes sense, thank you!

    Theme Author

    Sorry for the slow response here. I’ve been on holiday and only had sporadic internet access.

    I hadn’t realised you were referring to the colour definition in the theme customizer. The team set that up so I didn’t know what it was called :)

    I think the following does what you want:

    a {
    a:hover {
    .main .archive-pagination span.current,
    .main .showcase .showcase-wrapper nav a.selected,
    .main .postnav .prev a:before,
    .main .postnav .next a:after {
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