Customise 'Featured Post' Headers – (NEED SERIOUS HELP)

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    So, I would like to use my own header instead of the ‘Featured Posts’ title header.

    Deleting the title from the widget is easy enough but adding additional css customisation is causing me troubles.

    Here’s an image of what I would like it to do:

    Is this possible? If so please enlighten me. Ripping my dreads out here! :O

    The blog I need help with is


    Just to confirm. I would like to add my own header image. Not text. I know how to do that. lol



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    You can, with some super specific css and a text indent.

    If you look at the HTML source or with Firebug / Chrome’s Inspect element you’ll see the specific classes there.

    #featured-post-14 .widget-title {} may work.


    Man, i’m total new to this CSS thing. I’ve basically been winging it this far. I have no idea?

    Could you be more specific? Sorry


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    You’d need the Design upgrade. Do you have that?

    I gave the selectors above, you’d just add that in with your mods for images and text indent.

    #featured-post-14 .widget-title {}


    I have the custom CSS option? I’m guessing thats not the design upgrade as I’ve never heard of it and/or edited html files before.


    I guess thats this idea out the window. Oh well, I have to deal with it. Thanks though.


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    The custom css is part of the design upgrade, yes.

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