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    ok finally had a chance to look at the issue. Here’s in essence what I’m trying to do:

    Notice how the color is much darker and the text in the recent stories is in the color white highlighted against the darker background?

    I may or may not choose the same color, but the concept it what I’m after. Darker while still keeping separation with text and makes the site looks much punchier.


    The blog I need help with is


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    ok – so that’s all controlled through the custom design add-on. Have you tried that? It should do everything you want.


    I’ve tried that and failed, as soon as I use darker colors the separation boxes disappear and of course they use white text for the ‘recent stories’ I see no way of doing that.
    I’m open for suggestions though ;-)


    So look here’s a screenshot of what happens when I try to do it:

    you see how all the color merges into one color with no separation as opposed to theirs?

    The white text issue is moot. That is taking care of, it’s just the separation of the color to highlight the menu and the cover story.



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    I think it depends what colour you use. Some dark colours make everything the same and some give some contrast. As I said before – if you can get it close using the custom colours then maybe we can adjust one or two of the backgrounds using the custom css to make the differentiation re-appear.


    Hi Thanks,
    I just adjusted it using this color: #011b31
    Please have a look and let me know as soon as you can re: CSS please.



    also, please note that now that I made that cool change it overrode the customer css code we used to get the background to be grey.

    The css code is still there, but the color does not display:

    body, body.custom-background {
    background: #E3E3E3;



    to confirm, i tried to change the background using different color codes in the css and it won’t budge. It’s now stuck to this original color, which is of course not what I wanted. So I need to be able to go back to E3E3E3.



    please ignore the issue re: background color I figured that out.

    It’s just the css differentiation now thats needed. Thanks!


    lastly: Now that I changed the color the indicators showing sub menu items under the ‘resources’ tab have disappeared or at least are no longer visible. I assume this would be solved by the css differentiation. Thx


    and I sincerely hope I’m not bugging you to death on this but my ‘Home’ button has disappeared as well suddenly?


    i guess it’s related to the differentiation in text depending on which page one is on. So if I switch to the ‘about’ page that text gets highlighted and blends with the blue color and the ‘Hone’ button appears and the ‘About’ disappears and so forth.


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    Thanks for all the info :) It looks like there are some issues with the custom colours for Mimbo Pro. I will forward these on to the theme team and hopefully they will be able to resolve them.


    Thanks appreciated, I went with a temporary workaround for now, but obviously look forward to hearing back. Thx!




    I’ve made some changes to Mimbo Pro’s Custom Colors such that there should be better contrast in the menu bar area. In some cases it’s impossible to change the contrast (for example, the search box icon is a graphic, and the placeholder text stays the same), but it should come closer to what you were hoping for. I hope this helps!



    Hi Caroline,

    Thank you very much, that’s much better, appreciated!

    Quick question on protected content: When I publish protected content for clients a default message is inserted. Example:

    Protected: “Coordinated Complacency” Enter your password to view comments.

    This “enter your password to view comments” I would like to change as it is actually incorrect. One needs a password to view the “content” as opposed to “comments”.

    Can we change it? Or is there a way for me to personalize the text users see (which would be ideal)?



    Theme Author

    Great that the colours are fixed – thanks for the help Caroline.

    For the password question – do you have an example of this happening? I can’t see it on your site.

    However – in general the answer is no. As far as I know this functionality is part of WordPress and so has to work the way WordPress says.


    hi binary,
    yes an example is on the front page right now following the title article right now “Coordinated Complacency”


    Can I send you a screenshot?


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    ah – I see it. Not sure how I missed that when I looked before.

    Ok – I’ll have a think about possible solutions for this. I can see why it’s happening, the message makes sense (since it appears on what would normally be the comment link) but it doesn’t make sense in this situation – I’ll see if i can do anything to sort it out.

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