Custom background and second navigation gone overnight, cannot be saved anew

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    Hi all,

    this morning when I checked my WordPress blog the customized background (my own photo) had been turned into the standard background, and the second of two navigatiions was also gone – without me doing anything, just overnight. Now it looks like this:
    (Actually, I made a screenshot of how the site is supposed to look like, and in fact did look like until yesterday – but don’t know how to insert this screenshot here.)

    So I tried to restore my personal settings the way they had been before (the background photo, the second navigation), and it looked as if the changes had been saved – although the save-button just turned pale (don’t remember what it is actually supposed to do). The button went pale, but it now said “saved” (“gespeichert” in German).
    When I tried to check whether the changes had been saved, they hadn’t. I tried this about 8 times or so with different browsers, but WordPress/Gridspace never saved my settings, although it said “saved”.

    I checked whether it was still possible to save other changes like additional words in that blog’s articles. It WAS possible, everything worked just fine.
    So the problem is limited to the Gridspace appearance section where you can choose backgrounds etc.
    Since I bought Gridspace for its strikingly beautiful design and the possibility to choose custom background pictures plus having two navigations, that blog is currently useless for me. It’s a professonal author’s blog/website, and I would appreciate quick help.

    Anybody any idea what went wrong – and how to approach this problem?

    Many thanks in advance

    Monika Elisa Schurr, Cologne, Germany

    The blog I need help with is



    Three hours after discovery of the malfinction (just now!) it was possible to save and restore the background and second navigation again. Obviously, this was a temporary malfunction. (But how could I know?)

    So this poblem seems to have solved itself after some time. Thanks!

    Monika Elisa Schurr


    Theme Author

    Oh, Thanks Monika for the update. Let me know if you need further help.



    Thank you so much, Chandra. I appreciate your help very much – even though the original problem appears to have fixed itsef in the meantime. Or most of it.
    One problem remains: Once the links were golden/beige in color, now they turned to red. (All this was part of the above mentioned “overnight change”.) How can I restore the beige/golden links in the article texts -and everywhere else?




    Theme Author

    Do you have a Custom Design upgrade ? If so you can change the link colors by using this css

    a { color: #FAB20A; }


    Yes, I have a custom design upgrade and I tried the CSS you suggested. Unfortunately I hadn’t told you prescisely enough, what kinds of links I meant. Sorry!
    What happenend wsas that the first navigation turned orange/golden (right color!), but not the hyperlinks IN the blog texts that I actually meant. These I would like to be “golden” instead of red, as they were before they suddenly turned red. But the navigation links ought to stay grey as they are.
    How can I bring this about?

    Thanks in advance, Chandra.

    Mo from Germany


    Theme Author

    Can you try this?

    .entry-content a { color: #FAB20A; }

    I m not sure how/why the color changed just like that. Did you had some css before as well and you accidentally deleted it?



    Hi Chandra – it worked! Wow! See here:
    I finally chose a different color but your CSS syntax perfectly worked. Now the navigation remains gray while the entry content links appear in the color of my choice.

    The color DID change just like that a few days ago (along with the vanished customized background and the loss of the primary navigation), I only saw this link color thing later. While the other two malfuctions returned to normal after three hours, the link colors didn’t.

    I can’t remember if I changed the link colors via CSS two years ago when I established this site. Possible. Maybe I found an example somewere. Yet I don’t generally know how work with CSS.

    Thank you so much, Chandra! You are a true expert, it seems.



    Theme Author

    Thanks Mo. :)

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