CSS to Remove Page Title Over Featured Image?

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    Hello! Like this page: http://jasonhpeterson.com/about/my-skills/ I remove the Page Title (after inception of course), but keep it displayed from my Custom Menu, so that it, the page title, is not displayed across / over the page’s Featured Image. I do this as the Page Title gets in the way / is not helpful of visually appealing over such a Featured Image. Do you have CSS I can apply to the site in order to simply keep the Page Title from displaying over the Featured Image? Removing the Page Title after inception works but then the page’s title isn’t displayed in the back-end nor via statistics – hence, it becomes painful (this workaround I am currently using). Thanks for your quick help on this! Cheers, Jason

    The blog I need help with is jasonhpeterson.com.




    You can hide the site title on each page using the following CSS in the Custom CSS add-on:

    .headline.img-headline {
        display: none;

    Thank you!



    BINGO!!! :-) Works like a charm. Danke schön Rebecca! ;-)



    You’re welcome!



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