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    Hello, I am hoping to find the CSS style sheet that’s being used for this theme on my site but all I seem to have access to is a CSS window in the “Customizer” where I have to create my own from scratch. Is this right? There are elements already defined with CSS and I just want to modify those, not have to rebuild the entire CSS.

    I have the Corporate theme installed on my site and I want access to the theme files. There used to be a “WP Editor” panel but I don’t seem to have that with this version.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is thermahold.wordpress.com.



    To add further detail, I am trying to add css to my CONTACT FORM so that the input field is a 100% width of the content area. When I add this styling, nothing happens.


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    Hi there,

    Try accessing this: https://thermahold.wordpress.com/wp-admin/theme-editor.php Not sure even if a Business user like you can access it. Basically, that’s the way to see the CSS files but it’s not recommended as you’ll lose your customization when there’s an update.

    CSS can be overridden vis Customize > CSS and modified PHP and JS files need to be served using a child theme. In your case, you just need custom CSS via the Customizer. In your contact page, I can see it’s already 100% in width, not sure if you’ve figured out yourself. Glad to see that though. If you’ve any other questions, let us know. Your site looks very beautiful.


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