CSS help on post page

  • Hi!
    Can you help with some css for post page to:
    1 – reduce space between Tags, Share section, Like post section
    2 – align all of then on the left
    3 – draw the diamond line after related post section
    4 – also align related post section on the left, and increase font-size

    And if you please,
    how can I reduce navigation post area (thinner and with background color)

    And background color for footer widget and sidebar widget

    Site: namelydays.com

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Hi – thanks for the message. The following custom css should help.

    1) reduce space between items:

    main #jp-post-flair, 
    main div#jp-relatedposts, 
    main div.pd-rating, 
    main div.sharedaddy {
    margin: 2rem 0;

    2) align left:

    main div#jp-relatedposts h3.jp-relatedposts-headline em, 
    main div#jp-relatedposts h3.sd-title, 
    main div.pd-rating h3.jp-relatedposts-headline em, 
    main div.pd-rating h3.sd-title, 
    main div.sharedaddy h3.jp-relatedposts-headline em, 
    main div.sharedaddy h3.sd-title,
    #jp-relatedposts .jp-relatedposts-items, .sharedaddy {
    text-align: left;

    3) We can’t move the diamond I’m afraid. You can hide it with:

    .taxonomies:after {
    display: none;

    4) Related posts font size:

    #jp-relatedposts .jp-relatedposts-post-title {
    font-size: 0.8rem;

    By the way; since your site has a Business plan, you’re entitled to live-chat and email support from wordpress.com staff, accessible here:


    I’m always happy to answer your questions in this forum, but those other support avenues may be faster, and you’ll always get a wordpress.com staff reply.

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