CSS for the ubud front page? want like ongiri portfolio

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    Hello Ellen, thanks so much for showing me where to go to get your help!

    i love the ubud theme, it’s my fave theme on all of wordpress… but i want the CSS for the front page of ongiri portfolio so that my featured image/thumbnails look all funky and random like ongiri

    can you help me? i tried, but i failed at affecting how the featured images were shown

    i can’t use ongiri because i have a blog, not a portfolio… thank you again!!!

    The blog I need help with is: totallylike.me


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    Hi there,

    no worries at all, thank you so much for your great feedback, so lovely to hear that!

    Unfortunately this is not possible to achieve in the Ubud theme, since the code would need to be a different one for this. Ubud has a geometrical grid layout and it can not be changed to look like Onigiri. I’m so sorry, I hope you can find a good solution for you anyways!

    Best, Ellen


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    i’m sorry to hear that :( because often the layout is NOT geometrical, but it’s not enuff to make it look funky and cool, just looks messed up…

    i would actually buy onigiri and set up a portfolio just for the heck of it, just to get that page… but the blog section of the onigiri is sub par for my purposes…

    is there anyway you can change the blog in onigiri to be like ubud? lol gah

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