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    I just purchased the premium theme “Designer by Array” for my blog http://hgrobert.com and I need assistance with the following issues:

    1, It says on the theme description site: “Customize Designer to match your style! Choose from four sidebar color options including white, black, blue and gray.” I can’t find this feature on the customize menu under theme options. Where is it?

    2, The custom colors only customize 4 things on the theme.
    I would need CSS help to make all text (I mean really ALL the text throughout the theme) to be black #000000. Even the hoover color for links or sticky post icon and post format icons would need to be black and navigation at the bottom and all text on the sidebar slider and menu icon etc.

    The sidebar, once it slides out, would need a white #ffffff background (not the current different shades of dark gray).

    3, Need CSS help to add my copyright info “H. G. Robert © 2014”
    above the “Proudly powered by WordPress
    Theme: Designer by Array”
    text in the sidebar.

    4, How can I make my photo, like on the demo circular in the sidebar slider?

    5, How can I turn a blog post into a portfolio project? If I can’t then I have to post the same project twice? Once as a blog post and once as a portfolio project??? Is there a way around it?

    6, How do I add a portfolio project to appear on the opening page like in the demo?

    7, Can I change the order of these projects once they are posted and move them around on the homepage?

    8, Designer ships with several portfolio styles but comes with tiled, how can I change that?

    9, In this premium theme, when I post several photos under one another there’s a white horizontal space between the jpg images. I want the images to touch and appear as one. How can I get the space out between them by adding some html code? (FYI: This wasn’t a problem in my previous premium theme, Portfolio, but it is an issue here.)

    10, Finally, adding a lot of tags make the post’s bottom look long and weird next to the one word category, author etc. columns. The only way to keep it clean and minimal like the rest of the design is to either add one tag per post or not to add a tag at all, because then the tag option is hidden, but again, the post is harder to find. Is there a way around this?

    I know this is a lot, but I hope someone can assist me with the prompt answers to all of these questions. Also on the theme description site there’s nothing about these things.

    I’ve been a premium customer for 5 years. I am relaunching my artist WordPress website and need assistance and help.

    Thank you in advance,

    H. G. Robert

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi H. G.,

    I’ll be happy to answer some of these questions below, but some of these requests will require significant custom CSS styling to get it how you want. While we’re happy to answer questions about the theme setup and help with bits of CSS styling here and there, ultimately you may need to consider hiring a developer to help you with those changes.

    Some of these answers will require the Custom Design upgrade, which allows you to add custom CSS styling to your theme.

    1. The color scheme options are in the Color menu in the Customizer. http://cl.ly/Xiu9

    2. This is something you’ll likely need a developer to help you with, particularly styling the sidebar to your liking. You could try adding the following CSS to the CSS menu (if you have the Design Upgrade) and it should send you in the right direction for your link and text colors.

    body, a, a:hover { color: #000 !important }

    3. Normally you can’t add html elements via CSS, but with a little trickery you can add simple text.

    .site-info:before { display: inline-block; width: 100%; content: "H. G. Robert © 2014"; }

    4. You can either upload a round photo, or apply the following CSS:

    .site-logo img { border-radius: 500px; }

    5. Your portfolio item will either have to be a portfolio item or a blog post. Generally you use the portfolio item to show off your work, and the blog to write posts and updates.

    6. Please see the Setting Up the Homepage section of the help file for info on how to setup the homepage.

    7. The easiest way to move projects around on the homepage is to change their published dates once they’ve been published.

    8. You can change the portfolio style by visiting Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options.

    9. This spacing is natural, and is applied to each image to give it padding for elements below it. You’ll have to come up with some custom CSS that works with the type of images and alignment you have.

    10. Designer doesn’t have a ton of room for abundant tags. I’ve designed them to stack if there are several. I will say that having tags doesn’t necessarily make your posts easier to find. Categories are just as good for organizing content and content discovery. Tags certainly have their place, particularly if you have a lot of content to sift through.

    Hope that helps! You can also take a look through the help file to get a better idea of how to work with Designer.

    Original poster


    Thank you for all your answers and help. I appreciate it.
    I only have one more issue…

    I have the Custom Design upgrade and all the other possible WordPress upgrades and pay $100 already for all that. I also purchased your theme for another $75 dollars. It is a lot of money and even though you said I need further help to come up with CSS sidebar codes, I was hoping that for this much money, and you being a Theme Author, could at least give me the CSS code to change the gray background color of the sidebar (once it slides out) to white #FFFFFF.

    Thank you.

    H. G. Robert


    Hi H.G.,

    The reason I suggest having someone look at your sidebar is because it’s likely not just one color that will need to be changed. There are secondary colors in the sidebar that will also have to be changed to match your new white sidebar (titles, widgets, etc.). It’s not necessarily a simple line of CSS.

    I understand you have paid a good amount to WordPress and myself for the theme and we’re grateful for that, but unfortunately it doesn’t grant you unlimited customizations provided by theme developers or WordPress.com. While we’re happy to help answer questions about Designer and provide helpful bits of CSS like above, more detailed customizations like this are ultimately up to the customer to fulfill.

    Let me know if you need any more clarification on this, I’d be happy to ping a WordPress.com support staff to elaborate.

    Original poster


    Thanks for the response. I understand, but I didn’t want unlimited customization just the sidebar background color. Clearly, it is not possible without me paying more. I’ve been with WordPress since 2009 and I remember when the theme’s code was easily accessible and one could just go to the html part and switch the color codes. Anyways.

    I will ask for a refund on this theme from WordPress since I am under 30 days.

    Thanks again for the info.

    H. G. Robert


    Hi H. G.,

    Sorry we couldn’t fulfill your needs with Designer. Hopefully you find a theme that will.

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