Creative Portfolio theme is useless without WP Page Theme Plug-in

  • Imagine buying the Premium package on WordPress, being shown themes that you can get under this package, choosing this theme working on it for months while still doing your 9-5 job and side jobs to pay bills, realising your Home Page doesn’t look the same as the CP theme so gaining information via the help tab that tells you although your theme was advertised that you could use it under the Premium package, it can actually only be used properly under the business package as Creative Portfolio requires you to have a WP Page theme plug- in to get the CP theme layout, furthermore plug ins are only available via the business package. I would have asked for a full refund unfortunately I’ve exceeded the time allowed. Any tips?

    #Frustrated created a website on here a year ago and it wasn’t this hard. There should be a disclaimer on themes saying you won’t get the actual design unless it’s under the business package.

  • Hi there,

    Sorry for the issue you are facing.

    On, none of our themes require to have any additional plugin installed to achieve to recreate the demo. I don’t know where did it showed that this plugin is required for you:, as I have no idea about it using in our themes and this plugin, is very old and not maintained anymore.

    I would be happy to assist you if you need the site to set up like our demo. Still, if you want a refund, please contact as described here:


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