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    We are using the Corporate theme for our web site (still very much in development). I tried to set up a “blog page” (using the default template) to use that for our News and Announcements section. Page is “News and Announcements”. However when I go to the page itself, it’s completely blank.

    I switched to the 2020 theme as a test and the blog posts showed up in News and Announcements as desired. This suggests that the problem is with the Corporate Theme.

    Can anybody help with what I need to do to set this up right?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi there,

    Please go to this page as described, please assign your homepage and News and Announcements page as your blog page. Then it’ll show up.



    As I said in the email response, I did that. I included a screenshot in the email. However, when I go to the actual blog page ( ) I get a blank screen. Even “show page source” comes up empty.

    If I switch to a generic theme such as the WordPress 2020 theme, it works. The blog page comes up as normal. Thus:

    – Corporate theme: blog page comes up empty.
    – WordPress 2020 theme (no other changes): blog page comes up as normal.

    This strongly suggests that something about the Corporate theme is interfering with the proper operation of the blog page on our site.


    Okay, the email was a “noreply”. Missed that. Since this forum doesn’t seem to allow attachments that I can see let me try this. You can see the screenshot image at:
    Image saved on Google Drive

    If you look at it you can see that I did what the WordPress support link instructs. I still get the exact same issue: blank page with no content whatsoever. “View Page Source” also comes up completely blank. However when I switch to a generic theme like WordPress 2020 the blog page comes up fine.


    Theme Author

    Sorry for being late. I replied to everything you wanted via email. Please check and let me know.


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