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    I am just beginning on WordPress and still trying to figure out which theme would suit best my website which will mainly display videos (you might have suggestions ?). Silvio struck my eye and I’ve started building around that theme, but I realize the “standard” lateral widget which you can find in most themes is absent, there is only the main widget area and footers. Is there any CSS code I could add to get this right sidebar?
    While surfing on the Web I got the impression I had to get a plug-in for that, which in the case of would mean I need to upgrade to Business for something relatively classic?
    Thanks in advance for your help :-)


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hello Caroline,
    sorry for delay, but we have not received any alert about this topic…sorry again.

    About video, you can embed videos from those platforms:

    Additionally, you can add videos to widget areas:

    Personally, I prefer videos that get 100% of width of content area, so try to integrate them with no fixed dimension (then they will adapt to the content area).

    About sidebar, yes, during the design phase of this theme we decided to not have the classic sidebar. Instead of that, the main sidebar is hidden under the three dots icon in the header.

    To add a classic sidebar you need to edit some files and add some php functions, and this can only be done if you are Business. It is not an easy task but we can assist you in case you were interested on it.

    Thank you!
    Ricardo P. from SiloCreativo

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