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    1. Is there a reason featured images don’t work in pages?

    2. Is it possible to make the page and post writing section wider?

    3. How do you remove the block of images at the bottom of every post and page?

    Thanks in advance.


    My new site isn’t online yet…

    The blog I need help with is


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    1) I must admit – I haven’t really considered that. I’ll have a think and see if it’s possible to add it in.

    2 + 3) You can do this with if you have the custom design upgrade. I could give you some custom css that will make the posts and pages wider, and hide the posts at the bottom of the posts and pages.


    That would be fantastic. Thank you VERY much!

    I am currently setting up a site at wordpress to transfer my main site into. I have custom upgrade.

    My very messy site is at It’s private at the moment, but I am happy to give you permission if you would like it.




    I just realized that the featured image doesn’t show on post pages either, because you have it on the side. And it is just as easy to add images to pages, so don’t worry about the featured image on pages.


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    Hi – no problem. I am currently travelling with poor internet access so I will try to get you the css on Monday when I get home again. Hope that’s ok.


    sure, that is fine!


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    To hide the posts at the bottom of the posts page use:

    #recent-updates { display:none; }

    To make the post content wider use:

    .singular .container, .error404 .container {
    .singular .main article, .error404 .main article {

    Note that you can change the 1300px to make it wider/ narrower as you see fit.

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