Could not have "About me" section on the initial page

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    Hi all, I give up! I really enjoy the Adventure Theme and would like to use it. However, I couldn´t set up that “About Me” section that appears in the template (the one with the “about me” text on the left, a photo on the rigth and the social media icons right bellow. I have not installed the theme yet because of this…I am doing a preview configuration and there is no way I could have that “About Me” section show up.

    The blog I need help with is


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    We apologize for your difficulty with setting up the “About Me” section of the Adventure Theme.

    I see your site is currently using a different theme. However, if you would like to switch back to Adventure, you can find instructions for setting up the “About Me” section here,



    Hi David, yes, that was exactly what I did in first place. However does not work. It does not matter what page I put in the Configuration -> Theme -> Home Featured, the page never show up. It goes straight presenting the static page I have put on Configuration -> Homepage Settings (which is a different page from the one I am trying to view on Theme -> Home Featured).


    Another question is, how can I put widgets on the left side of the page? The configuration options allows me to setup widgets on the right side and footer only.


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    Hello, did you do the following steps first? :

    Create a Page, preferably titled “Home.“
    Set the Home template within the Page Attributes.
    Navigate to Customize → Homepage Settings.
    Choose the option to display a static page for the homepage.
    Select your newly created “Home” page from the Homepage drop down list.
    Click Save Changes.

    Then (regarding your About Me page), check to make sure:

    1. Make sure the page you created for about me was published, and not in draft mode
    2. Make sure the Default page template was applied to your About Me page.

    The first steps mentioned are important to complete before adding your About Me page.


    Theme Author

    Regarding second question:

    The homepage can only display widgets on the left side.

    All other pages display only a right sidebar, unless you apply the “Three Column” page template. Then, you can add widgets to the left side as well as the right side, by going to WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets.

    Let me know if you need further help.

    Kind Regards,



    Hi Emily, many thanks, it is now working… However, my Blog Feed is showing only the latest post. Please, take a look at my blog… How can I setup the site to show the recent posts, not only the one more recent? And how can I get that showing the initial text of the post followed by the “Read More…” link?


    It is now working… nevermind… thanks!! All done!


    Theme Author

    Perfect, glad to hear it. :)


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