Copying a Product Page, does not copy exactly

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    I am am trying to copy a page created using the Product Template.

    However, when I go to Dashboard > Pages > Add New > Copy a Page and choose that page, it creates:
    1) A duplicate page that is created using the Default Template. The HTML is copied into the text / paragraph area along with all images.
    2) It has all the information from the original (text, images, headers). BUT the content does not spread the full width of the page as it does in the original. It is formatted like text / a paragraph. It has narrower margins and visually is not exactly the same.

    How do I copy my page so that the formatting is exactly the same?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)


    Hi there!

    You might want to try copying the page. Then, go to edit the newly copied page and re-save it. That might clear up any styling issues that occurred during the copy.

    Original poster

    Hello tollmanz,

    Followed the advice above, but doesn’t seem to be working. Perhaps I am doing it incorrectly?


    Copied page:

    You’ll see the original goes the full width. I’d like to copy the page rather than cut and paste if at all possible.

    Much appreciation!

    Theme Author


    Unfortunately, we cannot view these links as your website is protected.

    It’s time-consuming, but you may prefer to simply manually recreate the page rather than copy it.

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