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    Hi there, where i can make a page contact where i can link my email ??

    Thanks in advance.


    The blog I need help with is


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    Looks like you figured it out?

    You can also use contact forms if you like:


    YEah its that “contact forms” one what I was looking for!

    Thank you so much!



    One more thing.

    How can I put my portfolio on the home page?
    I want to show all my portfolio just when you get into my website, same when you click on the menu bar to “portfolio”



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    Right now you have a static page as your home page. You’ll need to switch that to instead display posts on the front page.

    Here’s a video explaining where these settings are:


    I am trying this already but the problem is that my portfolio does not appears on the tab, just shows the “SITE PAGES” and not the “PORTFOLIO” projects.


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    Okay, I see that you’re using the portfolio post type rather than standard posts. Sorry I didn’t realize that before.

    This theme doesn’t have a page template that you can use to display portfolio items on a page other than the archives, but you can try using the [portfolio] shortcode as described here: Just add that text to your current home page.

    If that doesn’t work well, you may need to use a different theme. This document also specifies some themes designed to work well with the portfolio post type:


    How can i put my portfolio projects as homepage? only allows me to set up the “site pages”



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    Hi. I see now that your are using the portfolio post type for the content. Unfortunately, this theme does not have a template that allows a portfolio items to be shown on the home page.

    You could try using the [portfolio] shortcode as described in this help doc, but it will not display in the same exact layout as it would with standard posts.

    However, some of the other themes specifically described in that help doc may have page templates that allow to display the portfolio on the home page.




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    Hi. After reviewing your site I see that you’re using custom content type (portfolio) for these posts. Unfortunately, the Gather theme does not have a custom page template that allows you to display portfolio posts on the home page.

    You could set a static page as the home page and use the [portfolio] shortcode as described here: However, it won’t retain the same layout and format as standard posts.

    Another option is to try another theme mentioned in that help doc that has specific portfolio content type support. These may provide better layout options for you.

    Apologies for the delayed response. I typed out this whole message to you at once before, but it looks like it never finished posting.



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    My replies keep getting blocked. Testing.


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    Hi. You’ll have to read my response here:

    The forum allows me to submit the message, but it never posts. This is my third attempt!


    thanks !

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