Contact Form Send-Button Problem (in Chrome)

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    in my blog dslv nds I’ve got a problem with the contact form button. This is how it looks like in chrome:
    chrome button problem

    “Absenden” (=send) just doesn’t fit!
    Can you help me with this? I don’t know how to change it and was told to come here in the german forums.

    It works fine in Firefox and I think it does work with Mac as well, but there is the same problem with IE.

    There is another problem that occurs on the about page .
    I cannot seem to get borders at this html-table. I does not change anything if I set “borders” to 1 or 100, it does get thicker, but I do not get a border at the bottom of the table ( bottom of chart/a> ).
    Nothing changes when I put rules=”cols” or whatever in the code either.
    Can you explain that to me? Normally this is how I do it and it works fine.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Original poster

    Sorry, got the same problem on the main page with the follower-button on the right sidebar. This one is even worse!

    Theme Author

    Hi – sorry you’re having problems with the theme.

    Unfortunately I am not sure what you’re saying. I see the contact form button – but the button looks ok to me. What about the text doesn’t fit? The follow button on the homepage also looks ok to me.

    For the table borders – what do you want to do with it? Have a border all the way around the outside – or something else?

    I just had a little play and I’m not sure why it’s happening but I see what you mean about the bottom border not displaying. One thing I managed to get to work was changing table element to the following.

    <table width="500" border="0" style="border:2px solid #000 !important;">

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