constantly folding menu – how to make it stay unfolded on clicking?

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    This is my first experience with wordpress help forum, so please bear with me.
    I am in the process of updating my website, which functions primarely as an online portfolio. I also have a blog section, which I want to function separately.
    I have two problems.

    1.The main one is with the primary menu section. As you can see, the menu is bilingual, and quite heavy in content – lots of subfolders, mainly pointing to portfolio pages.
    When I open the menu tree, everything works fine – the menu unfolds. But when I click on any clickable content – be it a page or portfolio link, the requestes page is displayed on the website, but the menu itself folds.

    How can I stop it from folding on clicking, and remain unfolded?
    Do I have to buy the buisness plan to be able to edit CSS to do so? If so, how do I do it?

    Second one is with blog area. Currently it is set that the main page displays blog, and pages are selected from menu to the left. However I want the page to open with a static page (that one I know how to do), and then the blog to be accesible under separate link. Now it is done throuh archives which let me to select a month of blogging. But I’d like this “ideal” button to act just the way the main page works now – To open the whole blog section.
    Again – where do I go, & how do I do it?

    thanks for reading this far, would greatly appreciate if sb would point me the right direction


    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi Michal,

    1. Thats quite a lot of menus. :) I do agree it would be great to have the menu opened when you click that particular page. I will work on this so it happens by default. I did see similar request in the past, not sure if I was able to do that before. I will try again and see if thats doable.

    2. If you are setting a static front page, you can create a separate page such as a “Blog” page and then when setting your static front page from Settings -> Reading, you can select that Blog page under “Post Page” option. That way you should get a blog page separately. This will consist of all your posts.



    Solved! Thank You!


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