Confusing navigation!?

  • Hi!

    In the “Home” template my feature posts are shown in the order they where added, from left to right. But when I click one of the posts and then use the grey arrows on the right or left of the post, its the other way around. If I click to the right, I actually go to the left in the order they where shown on the “home” template.

    Also, the Hero slider does it the right way, so when I click to the right it goes to the right in the grid. But when you click a post the arrows change and go the other way!

    This is very confusing for the visitors, since my “home” template is an art gallery and one quite obviously wants the order to be the same wether I´m looking in the featured grid or clicking on the arrows in the posts.

    Can I change this?

    It also adds another problem – if one clicks the first featured image in the “home” template, and then clicks on the right arrow in the post, then you come to the oldest text blog post instead of the next image! (to the right in the grid)

    I want the arrows to go the same way as the grid, and I actually don´t want them to even go in to the other blog posts that are not shown at the “home” page template.

    I really hope it´s possible to fix this? Otherwise, to pay 50 dollars for a page that is totally confusing and almost useless to navigate wasn’t so fun…

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • The navigation arrows use WordPress’s previous and next posts functionality. So, the left arrow is assigned to go to the previous post, and the right arrow to the next post. The navigation does not know if it is in a specific category or now, e.g. Photos. It will instead show the previous or next post by creation date. This is the default behavior of WordPress.

  • I see, thanks for your reply.

    Is there any way to delete the arrows then…? Not the arrows of the Hero slider, just the ones in posts.

  • If you have the CSS upgrade, you can add some CSS to hide them. Something like this should work:

    #single-navigation .prev { display: none; }
    #single-navigation .next { display: none; }

  • Ok, thanks for the tip! 8)

    So it is for certain that I can hide them with the css upgrade? I don’t want to buy it and discover that it isn’t…

    And I’ve never used css before, so I’d be thanful for som help on where to place that code…

  • Yes, it’s for certain you can hide them with the CSS upgrade. Copy and paste the code above into the textarea provided (once you get the upgrade). That should do it.

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