Compatibility with Page 2 scroll id plugin?

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    Hi ben,

    I tried using the scroll-to class in my additional css space (in menu) to allow smooth scrolling in my webpage, but it didnt work. While the plugin works decently well in safari. Some of its features (particulary nav bar highlighting) are not working on a chrome browser. Further, its only working on mobile half the times. Is it an incompatible plugin with the ‘Label’ theme?

    What other thing can i do to find a suitable smooth scrolling effect?
    Am I not using the scroll-to class as I was supposed to?

    Sorry for creating a new thread, but this was an entirely different issue altogether. So thought id create a seperate thread.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hi there

    You need to add the scroll-to class to the navigation links that you want to do the scrolling. You have the links setup correctly but the class isn’t set on the nav.

    If you edit the navigation there should be a ‘css classes’ box, enter scroll-to in there.

    What plugin are you talking about? Is there something I missed? Or do you mean the scroll-to thing specifically?

    Original poster

    So I think you didnt get me.

    I had added the scroll-to class on my navigation bar (additional css classes to the menu items as my nav is basically my primary menu) but they didnt work, even made the page jump not work.

    I think I, however, made my plugin work. There was another plugin that was interfering with this one. Seems to work perfectly now. Thanks Ben!

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    Ah ok – I misunderstood then. I had checked the code and seen the class was not there so assumed you hadn’t tried it.

    Glad you worked out the issue though!

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