Colors and final tweaks!

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    I have purchased your theme for both blogs:

    I am moving from the wordpress hosted blog at

    to a new one that i have set up (hosted by Ionos) at

    So far so good – I have spent some time playing with plugins and trying to make the new one look the same.

    Three things elude me:
    1) i want to change the color scheme from standard orange (CF1020) to blue (6EA1BE)
    2) i would like to get rid of the white background at the bottom footer where the categories and tag clouds are
    3) although I have installed jetpack, which has got rid of the numbered pages, I am still seeing a read more button. Is there a way to implement true continuous scrolling like I have on the site?

    Thanks so much for putting together a great theme – this keeps my site nice and clean, and allows people to easily find the articles they are looking for!

    The blog I need help with is


    Theme Author

    Hi there – thanks for the message.

    For points 1 and 2 – has their own code for custom colours which is not available on self hosted sites. I have made the Styleguide plugin which adds custom colours to my themes but it may not be exactly the same as what you have here on .com.

    For point 3 – I believe you can change this in the Jetpack settings in your WordPress admin.

    Thanks – Ben



    Thanks Ben – that’s such a shame, as I feel I am so very nearly there!

    I have the plugin installed already – it gives you the opportunity to change Header Font and Body Font, but no changes to color.

    The only color adjustment is Background Color, which was there already.

    Is it something that can be changed with CSS?
    I have used a few tweaks already to go some of the other areas looking the same.

    Thanks for taking the time to look!



    Just logged into the console, and seen an update to the Styleguide plugin

    Thank you so much!!!!



    I think this is the final think left to do.

    Is it possible (with CSS) to adjust the spacing between the posts?



    Theme Author

    He hee :) I updated the plugin yesterday before I replied :D

    For the space between posts you can use some custom css in the additional css section of the customizer.

    .main {
    margin-bottom: 30px;

    That’s the default size. You can change the 30px to taste.

    Cheers – Ben



    Ben – that’s perfect – thankyou!

    Is it possible to remove the header image from the posts and show the feature image thumbnail at the top of each post?

    When I link to a blog article now on external sites and forums, it is currently using the header image instead.

    …I promise I’ll stop bugging you then.

    Thanks so much for your help!


    Theme Author

    Unfortunately that’s something I can’t help with. Bromley hasn’t been setup to do this. I could give you some css to hide the header image, but we can’t use the featured image on the posts.

    If you want to do this you will need to add it manually, but that’s going to be a lot of work.

    Sorry about that – Ben



    Thanks Ben,

    Yes – hiding the header image would be a good start.

    I’ll go through and edit the posts manually and put the feature image at the top right of each post.
    I would much rather do the work now while there are only 60 posts, than struggle when there are hundreds!

    Thanks for your help!


    Theme Author

    Cool – so to hide the header image on every page you would use:

    .main a#header-image { display: none; }

    To hide it on blog posts only you would use:

    .single-post .main a#header-image { display: none; }

    Thanks – Ben



    Perfect – thanks so much for all your help!

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