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Color 'category' bars in Category Summaries section

  1. perspectivecriticism

    When I was previewing Mimbo Pro before purchasing it, the preview had a different colored bar for each category heading in the Category Summaries section. But since purchasing Mimbo Pro, the colored bars have all been the same color (a medium blue) and I haven't been able to figure out how to change the colors. Could you please instruct me on how to do this? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The general colour change can be done here: Appearance > Themes > Customize > Colours.

    As for the different colours on the category sections, I have seen that but it doesn't show up that way on my blog either.

    Better wait for Ben, he might be a better help.

  3. Hi there - as said by Sam, the colours can be changed very easily in the theme admin.

  4. And the "different colored bar for each category heading in the Category Summaries section"?

  5. Ah - sorry, I missed that.

    The different coloured headers are what we used to do before the custom colour editing was introduced. There are a few reasons for this.

    Firstly it would be hard to do, secondly we felt the custom colour option was more beneficial than the 3 different colours. Thirdly, there had been a number of complaints about the colour choices we had made and so we thought being able to select the colour would solve this.

    If you want to have the 3 different colours again then you can do so with the custom css upgrade. We didn't remove the css classes so they can still be used to tweak the colour schemes.

  6. perspectivecriticism

    I still do want the 3 different colors, and I do have the css upgrade. Could you please let me know how I would go about doing it (along with how to access the codes for the various colors available)? Thanks!

  7. Ok - so to change the colours you will need to target the different headers. Doing this is quite easy

    .whitebox h3.catcolor1 {
    .whitebox h3.catcolor2 {
    .whitebox h3.catcolor3 {

    These colours will be quite bright so you will want to select your own. I would use something like this to generate the hex colour codes:

  8. perspectivecriticism

    I tried this code, but it didn't work. I showed the problem to my wife (she is a lot better at these types of things than I am) and after doing some digging around on net, she suggested putting .whitebox in front of the h3, and it worked!

  9. Ah - great. Glad you got it working and sorry for not adding that in my reply.

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