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    Hello! Sorry for my english …

    i have 2 questions, could you halp me ?

    /1 I would like to add my services on the home page like this example (they use this theme normally).
    it seems like the team’s thumbnails are in fact article link to the page “team” (so for me its “Services”). But the problem its that my article doesnt look at all like this. They re more like newsfeed. How can I do that ?

    /1 I would like to change the color of the icons. What is the right CSS please?

    It s all for now ^^

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

    Theme Author

    Hello! Happy to help.

    1. Unfortunately the “Home Page Top Area” widget cannot be used to show posts. It is specifically designed for icons with text:

    2. Could you be more specific as to which icons you are trying to change the color on?


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    Hello ! Thanks for your answer !

    So if I get it: the icons cannot be change ?(because I have my own)

    So how can I have features or thumbnails articles on the top, just below my principal image ? (with just an image and the title) I would like to show my services, the same “style” as the website (teams thumbnails).

    about the icon’s color I found the solution.

    Thanks for your feedback,


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    I maybe found a way to do it : Publish Image (as thumbnails I did on Canva) and link them to an article. But Now they dont alignated like a want (one ligne => 3 services) because Im blocked by the side bar widget … :(


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    I mean make a grid on a page ! :)

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