Changing the colour of part of the Site Identity

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    Been setting up my site using your Theme (great format, by the way) and I’m now getting to the details that I’d like to change to match my branding.

    I know I could upload my own logo but the type font that is used on the theme is really good and I don’t really want to go away from it. I’m looking to change the colour of the “Kevin Skinner” only on the Site Identity to match my stationery.

    I looked on the coding of the pages to see which element contained this but couldn’t find it. Would you have the CSS code to achieve my objective please?

    Thanks in advance.


    The blog I need help with is:


    Theme Author

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for using our theme, and we’re glad that you like it!

    Regarding the site identity, I see currently you have 3 words in the site title and you want to style only the first 2 words, don’t you? If yes, I think currently there’s no way to do that.

    My suggestion in this case is changing the site title to only Kevin Skinner and target it with CSS like:

    .site-branding .site-title {
        /* Your CSS */

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