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    I would like to change the font color and style of the body text in my posts. Right now, there are kind of hard to read because the contrast between text and background is not strong enough.

    I have gone into wp-admin/customize.php and selected Fonts and there, I tried changing Body Text options but it only changes the Title of my post. I have also tried to change colors and again it only changes the Title and photo caption of my post. What am I missing?


    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

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    Hello Kimchimari!

    To make styles changes on the platform, you’ll need the Custom Design upgrade.

    Once you have that upgrade, please be sure to ask your question in the CSS Customization forum.

    Let us know if you have any other questions :)

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    I do have the Custom Design Upgrade (checked it at Store->My Upgrades) but I do not see the Custom Design menu option under Appearance -> Customize. My menu list starts from just Site Title * Tagline..

    What am I missing??

    Thank you so much

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    I even went into Store -> plans to see if I need to purchase WordPress Premium for $99. When I tried to make the purchase, it says it is unavailable for so I assume I already have the upgrade?


    Hi jjlsuh – once you have Custom Design active on your site, you’ll see separate panels in your Customizer for:

    Colors & Backgrounds

    You can open each panel separately to start using each feature, by clicking on each little triangle:

    Customize Avid WordPress

    Just let us know if you need more help! Scott or the folks in the CSS Customization forum can help with any specific CSS you might need to modify your fonts exactly as you like.


    Just to clarify, you do have Custom Design on your site and should be able to make font and CSS tweaks as needed.

    To lighten the text in your posts, try changing this in your custom CSS:

    body {
         color: #abaaaa;

    to this:

    body, .post-container, .post-details {
         color: #abaaaa;

    Let us know if this does the trick, or whether there are other specific elements you’d like to change the colour of as well.

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