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    When I change the general background color (no matter what color) it automatically removes the grey box color around the topics (widgets) on the left sidebar and replaces them to white (i.e. text around ‘Share this page’ ‘Become a client’ etc.

    When a change in background color re-sets these area from grey to white it makes the organizational structure look less impactful.

    Any solution to this?


    The blog I need help with is


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    Hi – if you have the custom css add-on then you can override the colour manually. If you explain what you want then I may be able to help you make these changes.


    Thanks. In essence I would like 2 specific changes:

    1. I would like to change to background color to a different color (possibly white, but would like to experiment a bit) without having the change impact anything else.

    2. On the front page the widget headers have a simple underline separating the widget header from the content underneath. I prefer this to be a consistent look across all pages. Right now that look changes into a grey bar around the widget headers on the other pages.
    And currently of course both (either grey box or underscore) disappear when the background color is changed.



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    Changing the background colour is as simple as adding the following to the custom css editor:

    body, body.custom-background {

    #f00 means bright red. You can change this to any colour as selected here:

    the second part is more complex but the following code does it I think.

    #interior #sidebar h3.widgettitle {
    	border-bottom:1px solid #111;
    	padding:5px 0;
    #interior #sidebar .widget-wrap {
    #interior #sidebar .widget {

    it does!

    Thank you very much, much appreciated.


    Theme Author

    no worries – looks great! :)


    thanks! ;-)

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